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Kingston Minty Menthol 100ml


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Kingston Minty Menthol 100ml

Kingston Minty Menthol 100ml is your ticket to a revitalising and exciting vaping adventure. We take pleasure in supplying excellent vape items that revolutionise your vaping experience at our online retail store. Kingston Minty Menthol transports you to a realm of pure mint ecstasy, unusual fruit fusions, and Arctic mint adventure.


Pure Mint Burst: Immerse yourself in the revitalising hug of garden-fresh mint leaves. Every puff will provide you with a crisp, energising sensation that will stimulate your senses. The pure minty freshness stays, revitalising and refreshing you.

Kingston Delight: Take a flavour fusion voyage as exotic fruits meet a faint scent of mint. This harmonic combination results in a distinct and delectable flavour character. Every inhale and exhale is a symphony of fruity sweetness with a cool mint edge.

Arctic Mint Fusion: Arctic Mint and Kingston E Liquid will take your taste buds on an icy-cool voyage. This fusion provides an exciting rush of coldness that washes across your tongue, leaving you with a chilly yet delicious vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it simple to refill these shortfill bottles?
Absolutely! The 100ml shortfill bottles are designed for quick refilling and, if required, in combination with nicotine shots.

Are there any potentially dangerous chemicals in these e-liquids?
No, our e-liquids are meticulously prepared with high-quality components and rigorously tested for safety.

How long will a bottle of 100ml last?
The lifetime of a bottle is determined on your vaping frequency, however on average, a 100ml bottle provides several vaping sessions.

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