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Kingston Apple Gazillions 100ml


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Kingston Apple Gazillions 100ml

Enhance your vaping experience with Kingston Apple Gazillions, the pinnacle of vape product perfection. Our collection includes four excellent apple-inspired flavours, each meant to provide a unique symphony of taste experiences.


Classic Apple: Enjoy the natural flavour of freshly harvested apples. This flavour captures the classic and authentic taste of crisp apples, resulting in a pleasant and pleasurable vaping experience.

Prepare to be delighted by a symphony of apple types in Apple Delight. This harmonic combination dances on your taste receptors, giving a wonderful fusion of sweet, tart, and sharp flavours that will have you wanting more.

Kingston Original: Vaping sophistication like you’ve never seen before. Kingston Original is a refined combination of savoury bliss and elegance. With each inhalation, enjoy a smooth and creamy apple flavour that exudes elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What flavours are there in the Kingston Apple Gazillions collection?
Classic Apple, Apple Delight, Kingston Original, and Royal Apple Fusion flavours are included in the collection.
How are the vape goods’ quality and consistency ensured?
To offer consistent, high-quality vaping experiences, we maintain strict quality control standards and employ premium ingredients.
Can I get a true apple flavour from these shortfills?
Absolutely! Kingston Apple Gazillions shortfills recreate the essence of freshly harvested apples with real apple flavours.

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