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Kilo Dewberry Cream Shortfill 100ml


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Kilo Dewberry Cream Shortfill 100ml

Kilo Dewberry Cream Shortfill 100ml is a delightful combination of creamy honeydew and mixed berries. This vape juice has a tantalising dance of flavours that reminds me of a honeydew milkshake dusted with fresh berries. Designed for people looking for a smooth and creamy fruit vape experience, it leaves a delectable aftertaste that begs for more. It stands out as a must-try for vape fans as a premium product in our lineup.


TPD Compliant: Follows all Tobacco Products Directive regulations, providing nicotine-free E-Liquid.

Optimal Blend: A 70/30 blend of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) designed exclusively for sub-ohm vaping.

Flexible Nicotine Addition: The 120ml chubby gorilla bottle has a 20ml gap for vapers to add their chosen nicotine strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Kilo Dewberry Cream Shortfill suitable for all types of vape devices?
While its VG/PG ratio is optimised for sub-ohm devices, it can be used in most contemporary vape devices. However, carefully verify the specs of your device.

What sets the Kilo Dewberry Cream Shortfill apart from other E-Liquids?
It offers a balanced and tantalising flavour profile by combining creamy honeydew with a blast of mixed berries.

Are there any specific storage instructions for the Kilo Dewberry Cream Shortfill?
Keep cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. When not in use, keep the bottle securely closed.

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