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Loaded Chocolate Crepe by Ruthless 120ml


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Loaded Chocolate Crepe by Ruthless 120ml

Loaded Chocolate Pancake by Ruthless is the ultimate vaping delight in a big 120ml container. We’re happy to offer this exquisite combination on our retail website, which blends the rich appeal of chocolate with the timeless elegance of a traditional pancake, giving a flavour that’s really incomparable.


Decadent Blend: Loaded Chocolate Crepe combines luscious chocolate with the timeless elegance of a traditional crepe to provide a sumptuous and refined vaping experience. The velvety smoothness of chocolate envelops your taste buds with each inhale, followed by the delicate layers of a finely made pancake. It’s a flavour symphony that will leave you wanting more.

Loaded Chocolate Pancake comes in a 120ml container, ensuring you have an abundant supply of this wonderful e-liquid to enjoy longer vaping sessions. Say goodbye to the hassle of regular refills and enjoy the rich flavours for longer periods of time.

Crafted perfection: Loaded, a renowned name in the vaping business, is dedicated to flavour creation perfection. Every drop of Chocolate Classic Pancake captures the flavour of a popular delicacy, making it a genuine vaping masterpiece. Every puff reveals the painstaking artistry that has gone into this e-liquid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ruthless’ Loaded Chocolate Pancake?
Ruthless’ Loaded Chocolate Crepe e-liquid mixes the rich taste of chocolate with the timeless appeal of a crepe. It’s a vaping treat with a distinct and decadent flavour profile.

How much e-liquid does one bottle contain?
Each bottle of Loaded Chocolate Crepe includes 120ml of e-liquid, allowing you to enjoy long vaping sessions without the need for regular refills.

Is this e-liquid compatible with all vaping devices?
Yes, Loaded Chocolate Pancake is intended to work with a variety of vaping devices, making it suited for both novice and expert vapers.





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