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Honeycomb Drip Tip 510 Wide


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Honeycomb Drip Tip 510 Wide


The unique honeycomb pattern not only offers a distinct visual appeal to your vape device, but it also improves airflow for a smoother draw.

Wide Bore Opening: The wide bore design allows for effortless inhalation and increases vapour production and aroma.

High-Quality Material: The drip tip is made of sturdy and heat-resistant materials, ensuring a comfortable vaping experience even at higher wattages.


Honeycomb design: Our Honeycomb Drip Tip has a complex honeycomb design that not only looks great but also dramatically increases airflow dynamics. With each puff, the precision-cut honeycomb allows for a smoother and more pleasant draw. Say goodbye to harsh draws and welcome to a pleasurable vaping experience.

Wide Bore Opening: The wide bore design of this drip tip allows for a whole new level of vapour production and flavour intensity. The large hole allows you to easily inhale more vapour, resulting in thicker and more flavorful clouds. The Honeycomb Drip Tip is ideal for chasing huge clouds or savouring delicate flavours.

High-Quality Material: When it comes to vape accessories, we understand the importance of durability and heat resistance. As a result, the Honeycomb Drip Tip is made of high-quality materials that can survive the rigours of high-wattage vaping. You may enjoy your favourite e-liquids at greater temps without feeling ill.

Frequently Asked Question

Is my vape equipment compatible with the Honeycomb Drip Tip?
Yes, the Honeycomb Drip Tip is made to accommodate most 510 wide barrel tanks, making it compatible with a variety of vaping equipment.

What benefits does the honeycomb design provide to my vaping experience?
The honeycomb design improves airflow, resulting in smoother pulls and less sharp strikes. It also provides a one-of-a-kind decorative aspect to your arrangement.

Can the Honeycomb Drip Tip be used at high wattages?
Absolutely. This drip tip is made of heat-resistant materials, so you may vape comfortably even at higher wattages.



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