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Grenade Pink Grapefruit 100ml


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Grenade Pink Grapefruit 100ml

Grenade Pink Grapefruit 100ml shortfill e-liquid provides a unique vaping experience. We’re happy to present this thrilling flavour to boost your vaping experience as your trusted supplier for top vape items.


Tantalising Grapefruit: Immerse yourself in a sweet and tart grapefruit symphony that explodes forth with each inhalation. Grenade Pink has an unrivalled genuine flavour.

Exotic Flavour: Allow the flavour explosion to dance over your taste sensations, offering a tantalising burst of exotic delight. From the first puff, it’s a vacation for your senses.

Zesty Citrus Freshness: Looking for something different? This e-liquid shortfill mixes the zingy zest of citrus with the coolness of freshness, leaving your palate energised and satiated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a shortfill e-liquid?
A nicotine-free vape juice, a shortfill e-liquid allows you to customise your nicotine intensity by adding a nicotine shot if needed.

How much e-liquid is in a 100ml bottle of Grenade Pink Grapefruit?
The Grenade Pink 100ml bottle contains 100ml of e-liquid, allowing for plenty of vaping pleasure.

What is this e-liquid’s VG/PG ratio?
The VG/PG ratio in our Grenade Pink Grapefruit shortfill is balanced, resulting in smooth clouds and bright flavour.

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