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Grenade Pineapple 100ml


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Grenade Pineapple 100ml

Grenade Pineapple 100ml, the ultimate treat for vape fans, is now available. With Grenade’s Pineapple Shortfill E-Liquid, you’ll be transported to a tropical paradise.


Tropical Fusion: Indulge in a tantalising combination of luscious pineapples. Each puff bursts with real, juicy tropic flavour.

Fizz Explosion: Get ready for an exciting twist! Pineapple Shortfill delights your taste senses with a delicious fizz, providing a distinct and effervescent vaping experience.

Satisfying Volume: With a substantial 100ml bottle, you’ll be able to enjoy a longer vaping trip and never be left wanting more.

Frequently Asked Question

Pineapple Shortfill E-Liquid is what it sounds like. Pineapple Shortfill E-Liquid encapsulates the taste of juicy pineapples, offering a tropical joy with each inhalation.

How do I apply Grenade Pineapple 100ml?
Simply add this e-liquid to your vape tank and enjoy. There’s no need to mix or dilute it; it’s ready to vape straight from the bottle.

Is this product compatible with all vape devices?
Yes, Grenade Pineapple 100ml is compatible with a broad number of vape devices, giving all vapers options.

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