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Freemax MX Mesh Coils


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Freemax MX Mesh Coils

The Freemax MX Mesh replacement coils will enhance your vaping experience. These premium coils are designed for Direct-to-Lung (DTL) vaping and are an excellent complement for the Freemax Maxus pod devices. These coils produce great flavour and vapour production because to sophisticated mesh technology


Mesh Technology: The Freemax MX Mesh coils make use of cutting-edge mesh technology to ensure uniform heat distribution and maximise contact surface area with your e-liquid. As a result, the flavours are richer and the clouds are denser.

Versatile Compatibility: These coils are designed to be a plug-and-play replacement for the Freemax Maxus PCTG DTL Pod. These coils are ideal for use with the Maxus 50W, 100W, or 200W.Freemax MX Mesh Coils

Longevity: Because of their sturdy structure and effective wicking, these coils are built to endure. You’ll be able to vape for longer periods of time before needing to change your batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What distinguishes the Freemax MX Mesh from other coils?
The MX Mesh coils are particularly developed for DTL vaping, providing superior flavour and vapour production when compared to other alternatives.

When should I change the MX Mesh coils?
Coil longevity varies based on usage, but in average, they should last 1-2 weeks. When you detect a drop in flavour or vapour quality, replace them.

Is this coil compatible with the complete Maxus product line?
Yes, these coils work with all Maxus devices, including the 50W, 100W, and 200W models. They deliver consistent performance across the board.



MX1-D Mesh 0.15ohm

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