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Cleito Drip Tips Resin


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Cleito Drip Tips

The intriguing and beautiful Cleito Drip Tips Resin will elevate your vaping experience. These resin drip tips, designed for Cleito tank fans, are more than simply accessories – they’re a statement of personality and comfort.


Resin Patterns That Are One-of-a-Kind
The Cleito Drip Tips Resin are embellished with one-of-a-kind and captivating resin designs. Each drip tip has a unique design, guaranteeing that your vaping equipment stands out from the crowd. Our Cleito Drip Tips Resin collection offers something to fit your style, whether you prefer vivid bursts of colour or subtle, refined designs.

Increased Comfort
Vaping should be enjoyable, and the ergonomic form of our Cleito Resin Drip Tips ensures a pleasant experience with each pull. The curved form is designed to fit nicely between your lips, eliminating fatigue during long vaping sessions. Say goodbye to suffering and hello to nonstop pleasure.

The ideal fit
We recognise the significance of a secure and leak-free connection. As a result, our Cleito Resin Drip Tips are designed specifically for the Cleito tank series. When you install one of our drip tips to your Cleito tank, you can expect a tight fit that avoids leaks. Enjoy the assurance that your vaping experience will not be spoiled by unpleasant incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are these drip tips appropriate for all Cleito tank models?
Yes, our Cleito Drip Tips Resin are specifically designed to work with all Cleito tank series models, giving a secure and leak-free connection.

Is it possible to select a certain resin design for my drip tip?
Each Cleito Drip Tip Resin is one-of-a-kind, and the patterns differ. You can choose your favourite style from our selection, but please keep in mind that individual patterns may vary.

Is it simple to clean these drip tips?
Yes, keeping these drip tips clean is simple. Rinse them with warm water and mild soap to clean them. To preserve the look of the resin, avoid utilising strong chemicals or abrasive materials.



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