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Ceramic Tweezers with Metal Handle


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Ceramic Tweezers with Metal Handle


Our Ceramic Tweezers with Metal Handle are the ideal complement to your vape accessory collection. These tweezers are a must-have tool for any vape enthusiast or professional looking to improve their vaping experience. These tweezers will make coil adjustments and maintenance a snap, whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just getting started.


Heat-Resistant Ceramic Tip: The ceramic tip of our Ceramic Tweezers is heat-resistant and can tolerate high temperatures without losing its integrity. This means you may adjust the coils even when they are hot, delivering a smooth vaping experience. There’s no need to wait for your coils to cool down because our tweezers can withstand the heat.

solid Metal Handle: These tweezers have a solid metal handle that provides a firm and comfortable grip. This ergonomic design enables accurate manoeuvring, making it simple to reach tight locations and accomplish the ideal coil configuration. With the extra control these tweezers give, you’ll notice a change in your vaping performance.

Non-Conductive for Safety: We prioritise your safety. Because the ceramic tip of these tweezers is non-conductive, you may operate on live coils without fear of electrocution. Vaping should be a pleasurable experience, and with our Ceramic Tweezers, you may fiddle with your device without fear of damaging it.

Versatility: Our tweezers are multifunctional and may be used for a range of vaping jobs. These tweezers are ideal for pinching coils, adjusting wicks, and positioning cotton. Say goodbye to fumbling about with improvised tools; our Ceramic Tweezers are meant to simplify your vaping maintenance routine.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Can these tweezers be used on all sorts of vape coils?
Yes, our Ceramic Tweezers are made to work with a variety of vape coils, including different sizes and materials.

Can these tweezers be used on hot coils without hurting them?
Without a doubt! Because the heat-resistant ceramic tip can endure high temperatures, you can make changes while your coils are still hot.

Can these tweezers be used on live coils?
The ceramic tip is non-conductive, which ensures your safety when working on live coils.

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