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Blueberry Raspberry Menthol by Kingston 100ml


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Blueberry Raspberry Menthol by Kingston 100ml

Indulge in the enticing world of vaping with Blueberry Raspberry Menthol by Kingston, a 100ml shortfill that promises a tantalising and energising experience for vape fans. This amazing e-liquid combination has been painstakingly created to deliver a symphony of flavours that will leave your taste buds wanting more.


Fruit Fusion: Enjoy the perfect union of juicy blueberries and luscious raspberries. The natural sweetness of these fruits pours through each puff, producing a delightful vaping feeling.

Refreshing Menthol: The addition of crisp menthol elevates this e-liquid to new heights. The cold, ice exhale matches the fruity tones, providing a refreshing punch at any time of day.

Kingston provides a huge 100ml shortfill bottle:¬†ensuring you have plenty of this delectable mix to savour. There’s no need to be concerned about running out anytime soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a Shortfill?
A shortfill is a bigger e-liquid container filled with a nicotine-free vape juice that allows you to add your preferred nicotine level or vape it as is.

Is this e-liquid compatible with all vape devices?
Yes, Blueberry Raspberry Menthol is compatible with the vast majority of vaping devices, making it suitable for all vapers.

What nicotine dosage is advised for this shortfill?
Because this is a nicotine-free shortfill, you may customise the nicotine dose by adding a nicotine shot.

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