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Blackberry Apple Raspberry by Fruitsome Freeze 100ml


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Blackberry Apple Raspberry by Fruitsome Freeze 100ml


Introducing the wonderful world of Fruitsome Freeze, where flavour exploration becomes an art form. Our Multilayered Fusion mix transports you to a lush orchard, combining the richness of ripe blackberries, the sharpness of apples, and the tanginess of raspberries. This harmonising trio of fruits delivers an unparalleled vaping experience.


Smooth Vaping: You’ll be met with a silky smoothness that caresses your taste buds with each inhale. Fruitsome Freeze’s expertly crafted blend offers a consistent and pleasurable vaping experience, making it a go-to pick for people who like a smoother draw.

Nicotine Options: We recognise that each vaper is unique. That’s why Fruitsome Freeze comes in a variety of nicotine levels, allowing you to customise your vape to your specific tastes. We have you covered whether you like a moderate dose or a greater nicotine punch.

Exceptional Quality: Quality is our first focus at Fruitsome Freeze. We take care in crafting this amazing e-liquid with only the finest, premium-grade materials. Each batch is rigorously tested to ensure that it meets our exacting quality requirements. You can be confident that every bottle of Fruitsome Freeze contains a great flavour that you’ll enjoy with every puff.blackberry apple raspberry

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What’s the flavor profile of Blackberry Vape Juice with Apple and Raspberry E Liquid?
A: Experience a delightful blend of ripe blackberries, crisp apples, and tangy raspberries in every puff.blackberry apple raspberry

Q2: Is this vape juice suitable for all types of vaping devices?
A: Yes, our vape juice is designed to work flawlessly with various vaping devices.

Q3: Are there different nicotine strengths available?
A: Certainly, we offer a range of nicotine options to suit different preferences.


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