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Black Grape Lime Bubblegum Menthol by Kingston 100ml


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Black Grape Lime Bubblegum Menthol by Kingston 100ml

Kingston presents Black Grape Lime Bubblegum Menthol, a 100ml shortfill e-liquid that will tantalise your taste senses like never before. Dive into a world where strong and spicy flavours blend to provide an unparalleled vaping experience.


Flavour blend: Indulge in the wonderful blend of luscious black grapes, zesty lime, and delicious bubblegum sweetness. Kingston has expertly created this e-liquid to provide you with a symphony of flavours in every puff.

A blend of Bold and Zesty Black Grapes: Savour the intensity of ripe black grapes that explode with natural sweetness, wonderfully complimented by the refreshing zest of lime. With each inhalation, this powerful mix will stimulate your senses.

Bubblegum Sweetness: Relive your childhood memories with the real bubblegum sweetness that envelops your mouth. It’s as though you’re chewing your favourite gum while admiring the thick vape clouds.


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