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Aspire Revvo Arc Coils (Pack of 3)


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Aspire Revvo Arc Coils (Pack of 3)

The Aspire Revvo Arc Coils are a revolutionary advancement in vaping technology that will elevate your vaping experience. These coils have a cutting-edge hob design and provide excellent performance and flavour. These coils are designed to produce excellent results, whether you’re a flavour or cloud chaser.


Wide Wattage Range (50-100W): Aspire Revvo Arc Coils offer a wide wattage range (50-100W), allowing you to customise your vaping experience to your tastes. These coils are capable of handling all wattages, whether you want lower wattages for a cooler vape or higher wattages for huge clouds.

Stove-Top Design: These coils’ distinctive stove-top design increases surface area and encourages even heating. Due to this design decision, the flavour is exceptionally full-bodied and rich, and the vapour output is excellent.

Both taste connoisseurs and cloud chasers will find a vaping experience that suits them with Aspire Revvo Arc Coils.

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantage does the stove-top design of these coils provide?
The Aspire Revvo Arc Coils’ stove-top design maximises the coil’s surface area, resulting in more equal heating and increased e-liquid vaporisation. As a result, flavour and vapour production are improved.

Do these coils work with high VG e-liquids?
These coils are adaptable for different vaping preferences because they can be used with high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) e-liquids. Denser vapour clouds and smoother inhales can be produced with high VG e-liquids.

How often should I replace the arc coils in my Aspire Revvo?
Your coils’ lifespan can change based on things like how frequently you vape and the e-liquids you use. Every one to two weeks on average, or if you notice a drop in flavour or vapour production, you might need to replace the coils.

Make vaping more enjoyable by using Aspire Revvo Arc Coils. These coils are designed with a novel stove-top design and a broad wattage range to provide outstanding flavour and vapour. Browse our selection right now to advance your vaping!

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