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810 Drip Tip


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810 Drip Tips


With this superior 810 Drip Tip, you can take your vaping experience to new heights. This attachment, designed for the discriminating vaper, blends aesthetic, utility, and convenience to improve every pull you take.


  • Our Drip Tip is ergonomically designed to allow you to enjoy lengthy vaping sessions without pain. Its lip-friendly design is ideal for inhaling and exhaling, making each inhale and exhale a delight. Furthermore, the wide bore design not only complements the ergonomic shape but also allows for more airflow, resulting in wonderfully smooth and gratifying pulls.
  • We prioritise durability, which is why our Drip Tip is made of high-quality, heat-resistant resin. This ensures long-term usage without the risk of melting or warping. However, utility does not imply sacrificing aesthetic. We provide a wide range of enticing designs to fit your aesthetic choices, raising your setup to a new level of refinement.
  • Our  Drip Tip is simple to install. Replace or install it on compatible tanks with ease, and you’ll be ready to enjoy increased flavour in no time. The design reduces heat transmission, resulting in a more intense and pure flavour experience, as well as resistance to residue accumulation for a cleaner vaping environment.
  • Another important characteristic is versatility. Our  Drip Tip fits most 810-compatible atomizers, giving you a variety of customising possibilities. To personalise your setup and fit your own style, select from a variety of colours and finishes. Its precise fit improves stability while in use, lowering the possibility of inadvertent dislodging.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an 810 Drip Tip?
An Tip is a vaping accessory that improves the vaping experience. It’s intended to deliver a pleasant, lip-friendly shape, greater airflow, and enhanced flavour while allowing for simple customisation.

Will the 810 Drip Tip work with my vape tank?
Our Tip is made to accommodate most 810-compatible atomizers, providing a wide range of compatibility. It is, nevertheless, always a good idea to double-check compatibility with your individual tank model.

How should I attach the 810 Drip Tip to my vape tank?
The 810 Drip Tip is straightforward to install. Simply replace or install it on the mouthpiece of your compatible tank, and you’re good to go. There are no specific tools or expertise necessary.

Will the flavour of my e-liquids be affected by the 810 Drip Tip?
The 810 Drip Tip is intended to improve flavour by reducing heat transmission and delivering a more intense and pure flavour experience. The flavour of your e-liquids will most likely enhance.

Do you have multiple design alternatives for the 810 Drip Tip?
Yes, we have a wide range of fashionable designs and colours to meet your aesthetic tastes. You may customise your setup and select the design that best suits your tastes.

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